Surprise Missionary Visit!!

Coincidence is an illusion. Heavenly Father works in amazing ways, always and complete… and sometimes with surprise. Melanie and I came home yesterday evening to meet with Sister’s Ard and Reese, only to be met by two handsome young men whom were obviously Missionaries of Jesus Christ. The Sisters had not yet arrived. These young Missionaries approached us asking if we were the Kuhn Family…. which of course we are. One looked very familiar to me, and after welcoming them in, and placing what I had in my hands down, I noticed the familiar Missionary holding his Spanish Book of Mormon over his name tag. It occurred to me at that moment who he was…. Elder Cook and younger brother to the Elder Jacob Cook who helped bring my mother and I back to Christ. He was accompanied by Elder Boswell… another fantastic Missionary from Turlock’s Ceres 3rd Ward. I was immediately exited to see these young men as I had heard so much about this Elder Cook from his Brother a few years ago now. Shortly after we introduced ourselves did the Sister’s arrive for a lesson with Melanie. We all enjoyed each others company for nearly an hour, sharing testimony and our love of Jesus Christ…. and the fact we are all family. This is another great day provided to us by our Heavenly Father…. and I am so thankful for him and his love. Missionaries always have that special light around them that energizes us all…. we are truly thankful. It was great to meet young Elder Boswell and Elder Cook. And thanks again to our own… Sister’s Ard and Reese for their continued greatness in Missionary work in the name of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ.