A Wonderful Conversion Story in the Brazil, Salvador Mission

This story was shared through the Mission Presidency of the Salvador, Brazil Mission…. President and Sister Lisonbee of one of their Missionaries, Elder Hollingsworth. We thank you for the wonderful account.


I wanted to tell you about an experience that I had last week that was such a testimony builder that this is the Lords work and that I’m on his errand, and also that angels prepare people to hear the gospel ( Alma 13:24).

About a year ago I was starting my first transfer in Simoes Filho. I was with a great Elder and it was a pleasure to work with him. We were invited into an English school to help them out a little bit. So, we went and we gave a quick class and met a lot of great people and afterwards invited everyone to go to church. I had just one book of Mormon with me and there was a young woman that was just shining, and I felt very strongly that I should give the Book to her. She is 19 and lives with her parents and sister. So, I did and we left and for a long time I didn’t ever hear back from her. That transfer passed, and 2 more and I stayed in that area. When I was with another Elder, we saw her walking in the street and she stopped us and asked with we remembered her and I said of course! She invited us to pass by her house and we did that same week and started teaching her. She started to go to church and started progressing really fast. We marked her baptism and the day right before, we passed by to see if everything was good and she told us that she couldn’t receive us in her house anymore. We asked her why and she just started crying and said, “I cant.” She bore testimony of the church, of the Book of Mormon and said that she wants to be in the celestial kingdom after this life and then told us that we had to leave. Sad, and confused we left her house never to go back again that transfer, and then I was transferred.

I told the Elders that are there right now that I left her in the area book and I wanted them to pass by her house. To their surprise when they were looking for her house they felt impressed to do a contact with a girl in the street and it was her!! They started teaching her again and she started to go to church again. They marked her baptism 2 times and she kept on backing out at the last second. They thought that she wasn’t progressing so they would just pass by once a week.

When they passed by last Tuesday they said that she decided that she wanted to be baptized on Saturday. They showed her the Sisters from Salt Lake on Mormon.org and she started talking a lot to them via computer. They would call her and they became really good friends. They invited her to pray for the last time of all if this was true. She said that if she didn’t receive an answer then she would give up and never go back to the Church of Jesus Christ. She prayed on Monday night, and had a dream, and in the dream she said that Jesus Christ appeared and told her that everything was all right and that this is the right place and that it was OK for her to follow. She called me last Tuesday and told me this and I couldn’t believe it. She asked me to come back to that area to Baptize her and of course I got permission and accepted. In the end it was such a great day! The peace that I felt that day is something I’ve never felt before. Her mom came to watch and we were able to talk to her and she said that now she will visit and investigate a little more about the church.

I know that this work is eternal. It wasn’t me or the other Elder’s or the Sister’s that found her, it was the Lord, and the Lord wanted her in His church and he did what he needed to do get her there. When I asked her why she stopped seeing us at first and she said it was because she didn’t think she was ready to take on what it would mean for her to join the Church.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the most important work in the universe. Everyday I’m seeing why the Mission is important for me. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything. Seeing how happy she was right after the baptism, when she said “Thank you Elder, I did it!” was one of the greatest joys of my life. The Sister’s that she had talked to on Mormon.org were able to attend her baptism via Skype! So cool!

I know this is the only true gospel on the face of the earth and it changes anyone that truly lives it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Hollingsworth



A note regarding this Conversion from Sister Lisonbee…


I have one more thing to elaborate on in the story I sent you. I talked to the Missionary that baptized her today and he said that one thing he loves about this experience is that it illustrates so well that someone’s conversion is often the result of many people’s efforts. He said that when he asked one of the Elder’s to look her up in the Area Book that after they met with her a few times they didn’t think she was progressing so they didn’t keep teaching her but they left her with the number of the Sister’s in Salt Lake that speak Portuguese and work with the Mormon.org site. She got to be really good friends with them via phone calls and they were the ones to set the baptism date with her when she said that she would pray one more time and if she didn’t get a answer she would never go back to the church again.

This story is such a good example of people working together and also using the internet and the internet missionaries and the Area Book in a mission which keeps track of people that the missionaries have taught but who did not get baptized for whatever reason. I love that the sister missionaries from Salt Lake who were such an important part of her conversion process got to attend her baptism here via Skype! Oh the blessings of technology!

Sister Lisonbee

Brazil, Salvador Mission Presidency


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