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November 27, 2014 Missionary Thanksgiving at the CFM KUHN/TAYLOR Home

We are blessed! For the third year in a row, since my own Baptism, we are pleased to host the Missionaries and extended family for Thanksgiving! Over the hours of the day, as the fantastic cooking Turkey brewed that yummy Thanksgiving meal smell throughout the house, many Missionaries and family friends passed through our home to wish us all a Happy Thanksgiving. After dinner we finished the evening in song, and the great film 17 Miracles! Again we are blessed to have such amazing people placed in our paths of this great journey, and the Mission of Jesus Christ our Savior...

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November 24, 2014 Missionary Prep Day

Every so often we have the great pleasure of hosting the Zone Missionaries for their Prep Day in the California Fresno Mission! This is such a day between their getting their needs fulfilled (Laundry and Groceries), and getting back to the Mission later that evening. This day we were allowed to show them the LDS film Ephraim’s Rescue of which they thoroughly enjoyed while sharing several pizza’s we provided for their time with us. We do this often to give them a taste of home…as these young adults have come out to work the Mission of Jesus Christ for a few years, leaving all their comforts at home, wherever that may be in the world. There are several countries and continents represented by these amazing Missionaries participating this day. We are blessed to have them with us!

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President Gelwix at the April 20, 2014 Farewell

It was another fantastic evening full of love for Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Missionaries that have just completed their 18 to 24 month commitment, furthering the works in his name. This is always an emotional time for us all as we had the pleasure to know each and every Missionary that was now going home to fulfill their own life’s journey. At the pulpit this evening, closing the ceremony, was President Larry Gelwix and his wife Cathy. This would be their second to last Farewell, and as stated before… emotions were high. As I sat in the front row, every testimony given that night especially touched me. The spirit was indeed present and inspirational. Such was the talk by President Gelwix seen here. Amazing!

President Gelwix at the April 20, 2014 Farewell from Kurt Kuhn on V...

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