How to SUBMIT Your Story

Hello again!

I am extremely happy to have you here and ready to submit one of your amazing stories or positive experiences while serving the Mission of Jesus Christ!

First, please know your positive stories will help future Missionaries around the world, not to mention also be a great journal for what you did that you may share with whomever you wish.

We accept JPEG’s only for photos and they can be any size you wish to email to me. My email will accept up to 20MB per email. Please send the JPEG’s as actual file attachments and not embedded in the body of the email as many like to do. I recommend your photos be at least 1280 pixels wide for quality. No worries as my server can handle large files. We also accept Video links that we may embed into your showing.

Each submission will be linked to all Missionaries and LDS Members you mention in your emailed story. Please make certain you have the correct spelling of each name involved.

Aside from names involved, we will also show your story for people to easily find by listing it per the Mission Name, Country, Stake, and Ward.

Please include the dates of what you email me because I will place the date of the activity as the actual posting date. That way you may refer back upon the posting as an actual dated journal of your activities.

Unfortunately not all submissions will be shown due to the possible misappropriate or even legal limitations in the emails I receive, however I will do my best to show all I can. That stated, I look forward to reading and showing your shared stories and experiences.

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Thank you all!

Be Well!

Brother Kurt Kuhn