Surprise Missionary Visit!!

Coincidence is an illusion. Heavenly Father works in amazing ways, always and complete… and sometimes with surprise. Melanie and I came home yesterday evening to meet with Sister’s Ard and Reese, only to be met by two handsome young men whom were obviously Missionaries of Jesus Christ. The Sisters had not yet arrived. These young Missionaries approached us asking if we were the Kuhn Family…. which of course we are. One looked very familiar to me, and after welcoming them in, and placing what I had in my hands down, I noticed the familiar Missionary holding his Spanish Book of Mormon over his name tag. It occurred to me at that moment who he was…. Elder Cook and younger brother to the Elder Jacob Cook who helped bring my mother and I back to Christ...

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Missionary Message from Sister Gass in Sendai, Japan Mission


“I’m clean!” is all she could say after getting out of the font. It was such a beautiful service. The AP’s told us it was one of the most spiritual baptisms they’ve been to. All thanks to this shimai (sister) . Poor thing had to be dunked 3 times, but afterwards gave a beautiful testimony. It was as if she had been a member all along. I know this was her time to come. She was so prepared. So humble to learn. So willing to follow God and Christ. Teaching her has given me hope that there are really people out here ready to hear the good word. I just feel blessed to be a part of all of this. I feel honored to meet this incredible woman, let alone teach her...

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PIONEER Day! Celebration on June 26, 2014 – Community Missionary Works!

The Fresno Stake Center’s field was well in use this fantastic day as more than 750 people (both LDS members and non members) were attending the events to celebrate this day! Not to mention the Zone’s Missionaries! The morning sun rose quickly as LDS Member volunteers presented everyone with hearty pancake breakfasts, followed by fun, games, face painting, bounce houses and water slides even the adults will end up traversing! The Fire Department sent over one of their Engines as the staff  began to shoot their water cannon into the air to make it rain during the sunshine! The children and adults took advantage of the great cool off in the sweltering Fresno heat. (See video below)...

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How to SUBMIT Your Story

Hello again!

I am extremely happy to have you here and ready to submit one of your amazing stories or positive experiences while serving the Mission of Jesus Christ!

First, please know your positive stories will help future Missionaries around the world, not to mention also be a great journal for what you did that you may share with whomever you wish.

We accept JPEG’s only for photos and they can be any size you wish to email to me. My email will accept up to 20MB per email. Please send the JPEG’s as actual file attachments and not embedded in the body of the email as many like to do. I recommend your photos be at least 1280 pixels wide for quality. No worries as my server can handle large files. We also accept Video links that we may embed into your showing.

Each submission will be linked...

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Welcome to Missionary Stories

Hello Brothers and Sisters around the world! My name is Kurt Kuhn and I am a Latter Day Saint. I serve the mission of Jesus Christ and I am happy to host a site that is dedicated to those living and serving the mission of Jesus Christ. By sharing these stories of those on the Mission to bring everyone to Christ, (and through him back to our Heavenly Father), we hope to help future Missionaries in their inspiration to be the best they can be, while showing that their journey with Christ will be amazing. This can also serve as a great journal for all Missionaries to refer back to their journey when completed, or to share their journey with people they wish to share with. Inspiration is our goal in that mission we are all on…. with Jesus Christ leading us home.

Be Well!

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Glo...

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Missionary Works Through Activity!! Sister Taylor Hosts a Fashion Show Luncheon

Monday, July 21, 2014 was another extraordinary day of Missionary Works in Motion! Sisters from both the Alluvial and Woodward Park Wards gathered at Sister Taylor’s home for a luncheon and a fashion show! With a few invited guests attending, the Sisters of the Wards modeled some new fashionable clothing, just as if it were a professional runway show! Prizes were given and all reported loving the event! The great effect is that some of the invited guests are now going to attend the Church this coming Sunday! Missionary works at it’s best through our members efforts to bring everyone to Christ. Bonnie Taylor did a fantastic job putting it together, as did the participants for the event!


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Farewell Sister Tautuiaki, July 15, 2014

Melanie and I had the great opportunity to meet a fantastic young Missionary toward the end of her Mission…. Sister Tautuiaki! This young Sister from Hawaii absolutely has a light around her that shines ever so brightly. Anyone who has met her can tell you the same. She became family immediately. Though we did not know her very long before her departure, I know her Missionary works are great… as you can tell by her testimony, and song in the video below. Sister… Mahalo nui loa. A hui hou kakou.
Brother & Sister KUHN.


Farewell Sister Tautuiaki July 15, 2014 from Kurt Kuhn on Vimeo.



Below is Brother Kuhn, Sister Kuhn and Sister Tautuiaki at her Farewell.


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President Gelwix at the April 20, 2014 Farewell

It was another fantastic evening full of love for Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Missionaries that have just completed their 18 to 24 month commitment, furthering the works in his name. This is always an emotional time for us all as we had the pleasure to know each and every Missionary that was now going home to fulfill their own life’s journey. At the pulpit this evening, closing the ceremony, was President Larry Gelwix and his wife Cathy. This would be their second to last Farewell, and as stated before… emotions were high. As I sat in the front row, every testimony given that night especially touched me. The spirit was indeed present and inspirational. Such was the talk by President Gelwix seen here. Amazing!

President Gelwix at the April 20, 2014 Farewell from Kurt Kuhn on V...

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October 10, 2012 General Session

From the moment we were Baptized, we have immersed ourselves in the Mission of Jesus Christ. This includes the world televised General Conference that is shown regularly that the Leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ may speak to all the members of the Church. This often gives great inspiration and guidance that help everyone live in a world that has great challenges, making it clear that we are  here to help our Brothers and Sisters in the world. Through Christ they are redeemed, and may come closer to our Heavenly Father in the personal relationship he wants us all to have with him. The Missionaries attending this day we got to know very well over the two years they were on their Mission’s. What  great blessing to know these great young Men and Women!



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The Baptism’s of Bonnie Taylor & Kurt Kuhn

This was a day I will never forget, Surrounded by family, friends and Missionaries responsible for our teachings, we are now one step closer to entering back into Heavenly Father’s house through our Savior and Brother, Jesus Christ. This day was chosen because it was my actual birthday, and what a day to make another fantastic event on. Many traveled from around the country, and world to join us for this special day. The Co Founders of 4Life Research, David and Bianca Lisonbee had proven to be great examples to us for the 15 years we have known them, thus we asked David to perform the Baptism’s for us, and Bianca spoke on The Holy Ghost during the proceedings. They were joined by their daughter and her husband...

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